J’ai eu la chance de partir en Indonésie avec le groupe Alea Jacta Est, pendant leur tournée de 10 jours, j’en ai donc profité pour faire des vidéos et des photos de notre road trip à travers Java et Bali.

We took off from Paris, made a quick stop at Abu Dhabi and then landed in Jakarta (west Java island), it was the first time i flight out of Europe, for sure it was going to be a change of scenery. At the moment we stepped outside of Jakarta airport, the weather was incredibly hot and wet, we needed few minutes to become acclimatized.

Beno ( Farid’s friend, the organizer of the tour) was there to welcome us and drive us to his home, our first night in Indonesia. We met his family and his mother made us diner, they were really welcoming and happy to meet us.

The next morning, we decided to go out and see the neighbor around Beno’s house, we realized how far from France we were and how different it was. Java Island is not a touristic area, every single persons that we met in the street were stunning to see us there, everybody noticed us. We met a bunch of kids, one of them had a pigeon pet in his hand, seeing us made them laugh a lot.

Our van arrived to Jakarta to drive us to Bandung. Beno’s family was here to say goodbye, here we were hitting the road again, we realized the highway code was a bit different, nobody stops at the red lights, a lot of scooter with a whole family on it (4 or 5 persons) of course without helmets! The van had some acceleration problems so it took twice the time to finally arrive at Bandung, we did more than half of the travel on the emergency lane.

The first concert was in a small room, there were about 200 persons, they were all young, everything was fine. We hit the road again in a Tour bus, there were 16 places, but with the local bands we were more than 20 persons in the bus, our new indonesians friends didn’t seem to be bothered, they settled down in the bus alley with their sleeping bags.

We arrived in the big house we were going to sleep in, my night was short, there were a mosque just next to the house, the call for the prayers had woken me. I was the first to get out of bed, i ate my first indonesian breakfast, it was so good and everybody around seemed to be happy, they took good care of us, it was an incredible experience, we share a lot of things with those people.

Even in the streets indonesian people wanted to take some pictures with us. When we arrived at Tasikmalaya, the show was in a skatepark, there is 1000 persons ! At the moment we arrived, those 1000 persons all turned around and applaused us, it was mad.

The local bands were playing, the ambiance was really good, everybody was expecting AJE, but they never played that night, the police came and said that they didn’t know a band from abroad was going to play, despite a long conversation, we had to take our stuff and leave…

hopefully i had the time to start a new series of portraits. At Blitar, there were a tattoo convention besides the shows, few kids got tattooed there, we decided to make few images for the video clip with the idonesians ( it was hard to organize everything, they didn’t speak a single word of english)

We took the ferry boat to go to Bali, the travel was the occasion to get some rest and take pictures with the whole team. As we landed in Bali we met our first monkeys, there are a lot on the Bali Island. Before the show we had some time to enjoy the beach and the beautiful landscape.

There were no tourists around and all the indonesians with us were making sure we didn’t lack of anything.

The shows were great, everything was fine, but we had to go back to Java for some more shows. This travel was an extraordinary adventure, we met a lot of beautiful people, they were really interesting in our way of life back in France (so different than the way of life in Indonesia), the average Indonesian salary is about 200 € per months, which makes nearly impossible for indonesians to travel out of indonesia.

The last show was supposed to take place in a military area close to Mageland, unfortunately like in Tasikmalada, AJE never played because of a passport problem (even if everything was in order).

 Along the travel we had to bribe the policemen, so we had no problems to play, but for the last show it didn’t work out. We went back to the hotel room to pack our stuff and got back to Jakarta to take our flight.

Without the few problems for attempting to play to the shows, we discovered a rich culture, different than ours and a lot of passionate people. I’m in a hurry to go back to Indonesia, to see again all those incredible persons i met and see even more things and meet even more people.

Terima kasih !

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